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New Original Story: "Survivors"

I have a new story online in Riggwelter's 28th issue!

It's a short, speculative story about grief, hope, and watermelons inspired by a very short story (#vss365) I wrote in June, 2019:

Riggwelter uses a cool format called Issuu to organize the pieces to display and interact like a real magazine on the screen. Here's an excerpt:

Before she can destroy anything else, he dumps his briefcase

and jacket, dashes over, and traps her arms against her sides.

“What are you doing?” He realizes he’s

eyeballing the veggies, as if they’d retaliate.

“Cleaning.” Her grimy nightshirt billows out, hair

drips down like a sweaty root ball, but she’s smiling. Really

smiling. He can’t help but wrap her up and squeeze her tight.

It's a little like Hamlet in that you can't be 100% sure whether the main character is crazy or what's happening is actually real.

Check out the whole story on page 61. Read "Survivors" here in Riggwelter.

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