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Sleep Stories Coming to Alexa!

Looks like I'm not the only one in the house with sleep troubles. Maybe she just needs a sleep story?

I am very excited to announce, my dear friends, that after nearly a year of work and twenty-two sleep stories written and submitted, my stories have now begun to be featured through the Sleep Tales app on Amazon Alexa!

What are sleep stories? you ask.

I'd be happy to explain, I answer.

Sleep stories are audio stories that you can play through an app or podcast to help you drift off to sleep at night. When your brain is reeling from the stressors of the day and the worries of tomorrow, sleep stories distract you and deliver you into a new cognitive place where you can relax, imagine cozy atmospheres, and journey to Snoozeville, population you.

These can feature fictionalized tours of real places, or the loose plot can center around everyday events in cozy settings, or they can be retellings of fairy tales. No matter what, every story leaves you with a snuggly feeling or a sense of inspiration. And hopefully, it leaves you in Snoozeville before you ever reach the conclusion.

Two of my stories are currently available through Alexa's Sleep Tales app, one of which is available for free:

  • "A Day on the Bay" tells the story of a sleepy fisherman headed out early in the morning, enjoying the ambience of the Eastern Shore (this is a free story)

  • "Taking Flight" tells the story of a pair of passengers on a plane heading off on a vacation trip, enjoying the sights and sounds of the ride (premium subscription needed--it's, like, $3 per month)

More stories are due to be released in the upcoming months. To navigate to the free story, just say

"Alexa, tell Sleep Tales to play 'A Day on the Bay.'"

TBA whether the stories will be released through other platforms too. For more info and a list of stories, check out the Sleep Tales app on Amazon here.


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