Who is Katherine Tweedle?

   Katherine Tweedle writes flash fiction, short stories, and book reviews and is currently working on her first novel. She experiments with fantasy, science fiction, speculative, and literary fiction. She is coming to a bookshelf near you. 

   Katherine fell in love with writing at an early age, beginning her career with stories such as Max Catcher and the Eye Spy Detective Agency, which she was too much of a lazy bum to finish (move along, folks, nothing to see). In college, she progressed to sappy romances that she did finish but were also rubbishy. 

   Now finally delving deep into the craft of writing, she has written many pieces of flash fiction and several short stories, which can be found in Barren Magazine, X-R-A-Y Magazine, and Riggwelter.


   Her longest work is a historical fantasy novel nearing completion of its first draft.


   The "novel-she's-not-writing" ('cause if she told you about it, she'd jinx the finishing of it) follows a teen whose mother dies in his infancy. Inexhaustibly idealistic, the boy never believes his mother is gone, but commits to searching for her only to discover more about the world, and himself, than he could have ever dreamed possible. 


More stuff you didn't know about KET:

  • serves as flash fiction coeditor at Barren Magazine

  • is inspired by J.K. Rowling, Angie Sage, Jane Austen, and Ray Bradbury

  • studied English literature at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • was sorted into Gryffindor/Thunderbird

  • is a firm believer in the Oxford comma

  • has a fondness for subtle amounts of cinnamon

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