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Short Fiction

A Southern, speculative story about grief, hope, and watermelons.

Aug/2020 | Riggwelter

"What’d she expect? Not this fresh hell: every damn melon smashed to fruity bits, broken timber everywhere. Her eyes sting. She knuckles them. They’re only plants."

A grumpy counselor delves into a client's dusty mind and attempts to clean house.

Dec/2019 | X-R-A-Y Magazine

"Sophie had never thought twice about the décor in her mind palace. That was, until her counselor barged into her secret space and perched in her favorite armchair."

Why do people get taken advantage of? 

Oct/2018 | Barren Magazine

"Most days I sit at the window, watching the other kids play outside. The boys, now ragingly pubescent, chase the girls through sprinklers in the harsh summer sun."

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