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Original Story: "Mold on the Ceiling"

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

In a recent post, I told my loyal readers they deserved the world (OK, maybe not the world, but definitely more than I'd been giving you), which is why

. . . I just published a new story! (So, maybe it was just coincidence that it happened so soon, but take the compliment, geeze.)

In this speculative story, a grumpy counselor delves into her client's mind palace—and attempts to clean house.

This is an exciting publication for me because

  • Speculative fiction is my favorite to write, and it's lovely to know my crazy dreams have a place in the literary realm today

  • I can finally credit a journal other than Barren Magazine (for which I now volunteer) for publishing my work (I joined Barren after they published me, but it still doesn't look great)

  • It's my only publication this year, but at least I've met the standard set last year

I know, I know, that's enough delay.

Read "Mold on the Ceiling" at X-R-A-Y Magazine.

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