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Irons in the Fire

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

You may be curious as to what the life of a writer is like.

It's similar to the life of a pastor (I happen to have a very good source on the subject). Generally, we get to make our own schedule, work on whatever we want at any given moment, and our brains are almost constantly sniffing around for the next great theme or illustration for our work-in-progress. We like researching, and we like crafting our writing.

The down-side is prioritizing is difficult, and oftentimes unplanned projects suddenly spring up out of the ground, demanding our attention, lest they grow into vicious little creatures that nag us until we lose sleep over them.

And that is why I have so many irons in the fire. To keep the ickle nasties at bay. So here's what I'm working on right now:

  • Grounded: I just received an acceptance email for this short story today, so stay tuned: it's projected to go live on Barren Magazine's site in a little over a week. (This is a big deal y'all; it's the first time I've EVER been published. Commence Snoopy dances.)

  • Daily Flash Fiction: Everyday I post a new piece of flash (very short) fiction on Twitter, and attempt to post that piece here as well. Be warned, they are short (yay!) but they could be ANY genre (dun-Dun-DUN).

  • Game Over: Short scifi/fantasy story about an avatar who escapes from her videogame. (In the revision stage.)

  • To Sophie's Mind (working title): Short piece of speculative/literary fiction about a woman whose mind is so cluttered, she doesn't realize she's the problem. (Also in revision stage.)

  • Perennial Way: Longer, but still short paranormal/literary story about a woman who is haunted by guilt--and a cat. (Also in [hopefully final] revision stage. Hoping to submit it to a Halloween contest by next Sunday. Yikes!)

  • Blog: The PLAN is that I'll be composing short humorous anecdotes about silly and possibly embarrassing things that happen in my life. The jury's still out on whether I succeed at humor, though. So I'll be punctuating those posts (should they come to fruition) with book reviews aaaaand whateverthehellelse I feel like.

  • The NOVEL: I've been dreaming up a fantasy novel for the past sixteen years. But between ministry and work I haven't given it much love. Until now. It's shaping up to also be young-adult and historical. Also, about Irish and Greek folklore. The plan is I'll finish my first draft in November as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I think NaNoWriMo usually sees writers composing an ENTIRE novel during a month, but I mean, hey, I think finishing a sixteen year project is accomplishment enough.

I think that about covers it. That's not to mention the other little idea gremlins that are trying to pry my brain open right now. Ickle Nasties.



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